A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

“You awake up alone in a stunning island and can’t remember anything of what happened. Now the only thing left is to solve a number of puzzles that you find that allows you to go deeper in your mind" 

Solve the challenges and discovery the mystery of that island!

Online Repository:


Developed by:

Carlos Matheus Barros da Silva - https://github.com/CarlosMathe...

Felipe Vieira Coimbra - https://github.com/FelipeCoimbra

Luiz Henrique Aguiar de Lima Alves - https://github.com/HikkusT

Install instructions

No need for installation. Just download and extract files.


The_Awakening_Win64.rar 301 MB
The_Awakening_MacOS64.app.zip 328 MB


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Pretty neat! Also, I liked the music on the island.


I really liked what I played! The island is beautiful, the music is awesome and the puzzles are just hard enough to keep them interesting. Well done!

Lags a LOT. (it's bad enough that even at 640*480 the average framerate is pulled down to .5 frames per second)



First of all, thanks for taking the time to play our game! I agree with you that this scene lacks optmization, it was a mistake in our end. Despite this, you might want to try to get to the others scenes in the game, as they actually run much better and you might like them because they are pretty interesting.

In any case, we appreciate your feedback. Thank you!   :)

That's going to be difficult, the lag has caused many falls and the game performs a full reset after too large a fall instead of simply resetting to the beginning of the current puzzle